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Get a Food Allergy Test

Blood food allergy testing is a very useful tool for helping many people with a variety of common complaints, including:

For more information on food allergies, click here.

Blood food allergy testing can be done either with a blood draw or a fingerstick. In most cases our doctors can order this test for you by making arrangements with a local facility to draw blood using a test kit that we will provide. In some cases this testing can be billed to out of state health insurance plans, but in most cases it will be a cash charge. The laboratory we use for this testing, US Biotek, uses quality control procedures that are unparalleled in the industry, including testing every sample of blood twice to insure accuracy. For more specific information on this testing, go to http://www.usbiotek.com/Services_antibody-Assessment-Panels.php.

Fee Schedule

The fees for this testing are as follows:

Basic food allergy test:

  • 96 foods, IgG antibody (vegetarian or non-vegetarian panels available) - $239

Additional food allergy testing (pricing applies if ordered with basic food allergy test):

  • 96 foods, IgA antibody - $139
  • 96 foods, IgE antibody - $92
  • Celiac antibody panel - $129
  • 24 herb and spice panel, IgG - $275
  • 15 additional vegetarian foods - $95

Before we can order this test for you, you will first need to have a consult with one of our doctors. This can be done over the phone or via Skype, and typically takes 15-45 minutes.

To request a blood food allergy test, please:

  • Call us at 802-229-2038, or
  • Email us using the form below to request a consult and test
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Medical Conditions Treated

Most Insurance Accepted

We now accept most health insurance including:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
  • Cigna
  • Comprehensive Benefits Administrators (CBA)
  • Dr. Dynasaur
  • Great West/One Health
  • Green Mountain Care
  • MVP
  • Vermont Managed Care
  • Vermont Medicaid
  • VHAP
  • Most other in-state plans except Medicare

(About the only plans we can't accept are Medicare and out-of-state plans.)