We treat the whole person, identify and treat the underlying cause of disease, and use natural medicines to restore and maintain health.

Some Things You May Not Know About Naturopathic Medicine

  • The "anti-cancer" diet presently recognized by the National Cancer Institute was originally published in a naturopathic medical text in the 1940's
  • 42% of Americans used alternative or complementary medicine in 1997
  • In 1997 Americans made an estimated 629 million visits to alternative medicine practitioners, exceeding the number of visits to primary care physicians
  • The Textbook of Natural Medicine cites over 5000 references from the conventional biomedical literature that support naturopathic theory and practice
  • Over 30% of the French population use homeopathy
  • The most commonly prescribed medicine in both Germany and France is Ginkgo biloba, an herbal vasodilator commonly prescribed for senility
  • Naturopathic physicians are trained to use all standard laboratory tests
  • More than 40 scientific journals worldwide are devoted to clinical nutrition
  • Over 1400 herbal medicines are listed as official drug preparations in West Germany


Medical Conditions Treated

Most Insurance Accepted

We now accept most health insurance including:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont
  • Cigna
  • Comprehensive Benefits Administrators (CBA)
  • Dr. Dynasaur
  • Great West/One Health
  • Green Mountain Care
  • MVP
  • Vermont Managed Care
  • Vermont Medicaid
  • VHAP
  • Most other in-state plans except Medicare

(About the only plans we can't accept are Medicare and out-of-state plans.)